Parlaying UFC Fights

Parlaying UFC fights is a strategy employed by many sports bettors.

Key Points

– Parlaying UFC fights makes sense because mixed martial arts betting is a moneyline sport.

– Following a few simple rules can lead to great success when parlaying UFC fights.

Parlaying UFC Fights

Betting UFC fights is a great niche for bettors who have some knowledge of fighters and the sport in general. 

One of the interesting strategies that lends itself to be used in betting on mixed martial arts (MMA) is the parlay.

Since MMA betting is a moneyline sport, parlaying UFC fights is extremely attractive to bettors who know what they are doing.


The Parlay Bet

Remember, a parlay is a bet that combines two or more individual bets into a single wager. Let’s say you have Fighter A and Fighter B.

Both are favored to win their UFC fight. Fighter A is a -500 favorite and Fighter B is favored at -400 odds. Wagering on these two fighters individually would require a bettor to lay out $900 ($500 + $400) to win $100 on each fight for a total of $200.

Betting these two fighters together in a parlay, the bettor can earn a profit of $260 or $60 more than the individual bets. 

When to Bet UFC Parlays

The example above illustrates one of the best times to consider betting UFC parlays. When you have heavy favorites on any number of matches, parlaying them makes more sense than betting them individually. You need to keep an open mind when placing your MMA wagers.

Let’s say you have a -500 favorite and you add in two lower priced favorites at say -200 each. A $100 parlay bet on the three fighters to win will profit $170. If you wagered $100 on each fight individually, the profit is only $120 and the potential loss ($300) is three times higher than the parlay loss.

The risk is a bit higher on the parlay because, remember, if any one bet loses the entire parlay is a loss. However, if you want the bigger return, you have to be willing to take the higher risk.

Sometimes betting stacked UFC events can pay off big time.
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Parlay Two or Three

When putting together UFC parlays, it is best to keep the number of fights to two or three. The likelihood of picking four UFC fights correctly goes way down. As you add fights, the likelihood goes down even more.

You can see this in the odds given on UFC parlay bets. While the odds on a two-team parlay are +260 and +600 on a three-team parlay, the odds go to four figures (+1000) on a four-team bet. A ten-team parlay pays out at 700 to 1. 

Do Your Homework When Parlaying UFC Fights

If you are thinking about trying UFC parlays, it pays to do your homework. Research each fighter, their style, what types of fighters they tend to beat, etc. When you’ve gathered enough information to make a sound betting decision, you can then begin putting together a UFC parlay.

Parlaying UFC fights can be used as part of a solid betting strategy. Remember the idea of pairing heavy favorites and be sure to do the research before placing your wager.

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