Rousey Transcending UFC

Blonde and capable of bombing opponents at will should get you noticed.  Ronda Rousey is starting to transcend UFC to other arenas.  This Dana White money making machine is capable of jumping into the next level of profit.  She has used this time to go after one of boxing’s biggest names.  Also on the women’s side, professional fighters on the ladies side pontificate on the chances she would have if she decided to cross over into their realm.  All of this upcoming in this edition of APEX’s Boxing Betting.

$300M is the Benchmark

Whether Ronda believes it or is using her time in the lime light well, Rousey decided to poke Floyd after winning the ESPY for Fighter of the Year.  She used the award as a springboard to hit the undefeated one about his history of domestic violence on women.  Floyd actually acknowledged her existence and congratulated her winning the award.  He went on to say that he has won it six or seven times and that when she makes $300 Million that then she can join him at the Big Boy table.

Could Rousey Translate Easily into Boxing?

Armbars were her bread and butter but she showed punching prowess in knocking out Bethe Correia in under thirty five seconds in her last UFC fight.  People have opined that only advanced age or boredom could stop her in the UFC due to the lack of quality competition.  This had people looking to boxing to speculate how she would do there.  The consensus with those that reside at the top of that sport is that she needs to stay in her lane at UFC.  She would get pulverized due to the openings she leaves for effective counters.  Even in the last fight, their was enough space where people of mid level skill could clock her.

With Cris Cyborg throwing down the gauntlet, the choice is now with Rousey.  Will she take the fight and risk it all?  Or milk it out for all it is worth?  The Cyborg said she is ready to roll tomorrow.  Stay tuned to APEX Boxing Betting for more on this and other high profile bouts from all over the world on America’s Bookie.