Should I Buy UFC Picks?

Today’s topic is whether or not it’s worth it to buy UFC picks.

Now that a lot of US states have legalized sports betting, millions of Americans are starting to bet on sports daily. A lot of these new bettors are casuals and don’t have time to handicap.

First off, I’d like to quickly introduce myself.

I’m Scott Jack, an expert UFC handicapper that has been betting since the early 2000s.

I reside up north in Toronto, Canada, but no, my favorite fighter isn’t GSP.

I’m a fan of the Diaz brothers (Nick and Nate) and then any fighter that makes me money on a given night. My UFC predictions have been published on betting sites for more than a decade.

Right now, you can find me on Action Sports Picks ( – a direct link is above in the opening sentence).

I sell my weekly UFC betting picks package through them. I chose them because I know the owner and can assure my followers that there’s no funny business going on at ASP.

I was able to create my own UFC picks package that offers the casual UFC handicapper value.

My weekly UFC picks package is only $50/week and it includes all of my picks for that event.

UFC Handicapping Process

I’m a value hunter that loves to target UFC underdogs when betting MMA.

However, that’s not possible for every fight card, so I also focus a lot of attention on UFC parlays.

It’s not overly difficult to identify 2-4 big UFC favorites that are near locks to win.

Lastly, method of victory UFC prop bets are my bread and butter. Why bet on a -500 favorite when you can bet on the same fighter in the method of victory market at closer to even money?

My bets are all 1-5 units and you’re not going to find a “Fight of the Decade” every week.

I limit the hype and simply work hard to produce results. At the end of the day, UFC bettors only care about one thing and that’s WINNING! As long as I win, everyone is happy.

Need more? Go check out things to consider when betting the UFC.

Buy UFC Picks

The answer as to whether you should buy UFC predictions is simple.

Yes, but only if there’s a positive return on investment (ROI).

This will depend upon the cost of the picks/service and how much you wager. If you only bet $10 per fight, buying UFC predictions might not be suitable for you.

By the time you buy UFC picks, you won’t make enough profit by betting $10/pick.

However, if you’re betting $50/pick, you can easily turn a big profit by buying UFC picks as long as the price is right and the results are consistent. At $50/week for my package, members are pulling in $100s of profit every event, so everyone is making money and happy.

Free UFC Predictions

Want to see my results and how I perform handicapping the UFC?

I publish one weekly free UFC prediction at AskTheBookie.

Not only can you quickly search through the archive to view my analysis on previous fights, but if you bookmark (ATB), my free weekly UFC pick goes up Saturday mornings.