Some are Pounding Pacquiao as the Fight Nears

Manny is still the underdog but some high profile love is coming his way.  Many personalities and experts in boxing circles are lauding Manny to emerge triumphant in the upcoming mega tilt.  Who has come out on his side?  More importantly, should your impeding wager be influenced by this?  Read more on Apex Boxing Betting to get into the flow for the fight.

Those that Follow Manny’s Career

We expected the power factor to go Manny’s way.  We talked to an industry reg who has followed Manny since his third tilt with Erik Morales in Vegas way back in 2006.  He forecasts a convincing defeat of Floyd.  An estimation of the knockout win comes forth inbetween the sixth and eighth rounds.  Using vivid imagery, he evokes memories of De La Hoya not moving from his stool to be TKO’ed in the eight.  He believes that this fight will be just as dramatic and emphatic for Manny.

Peeking In on the Gym

Floyd made his gym atmosphere friendly to the eye this week.  A lovely lady paraded around in a tiara with TMT attached to her forehead.  The Money Team had standing room only as he sparred with southpaws and was intensive with the heavy bag.  To his credit, Floyd has been really hitting it in the gym for him.  Interviews have been cut to half the level.  This is probably one of the last legacy defining fights left for him and he wants badly to remain undefeated.  His routines in the gym have been reflecting this passion as of late.

So what do you trust?  The eyes tell us that Floyd is more business than usual.  Our ears are now being peppered with Pacquiao and potential knockout outcomes.  Which sense will you avail when you wager?  Go to America’s Bookie right now and take control.  Bank on which you trust more.  For my money, the eyes and ears are for the +EV value of Manny.  Much could change but the time is now to invest in this mega blockbuster today.  Good fortune to you and we will check in later at Apex Boxing Betting on this mega tilt.