UFC Jones Cormier Free Pick

Pre fight hype approaches many levels.  Sometimes it is scripted and comes off as a rivalry with no passion.  The next level has personalities with mic skills that are adapt at whipping up interest.  The zenith can be reached when you have two top flight athletes that have a personal distaste for their opponent.  Fortunately

More UFC Fight Night Preview for Saturday

An antithesis in UFC takes the ring on Saturday evening as Fox Sports 1 brings Fight Night for our viewing and wagering pleasure.  Highlighted is a person who has the dramatic flair for losing.  He is pedestrian in his victories but he has great flame outs when he gets crushed.  We are talking about Erick

Boxing Betting Advice :How the Development of Boxers and Bettors Should be Similiar?

Manny made it look almost effortless in a decision win on Saturday.  He fought an opponent of rather limited means in regards to power.  So how did Chris Algieri get to be 20-0 and fight the champ despite only having eight knockouts?  The main reason is that he worked hard to overcome his limitations.  Also