Viktor Postol is Here to Stay as He Finally Wins Belt

Coming out parties for the next big thing usually involve newcomers making their arrival.  Last Week saw Viktor Postol reasserting himself into the title mix.  He had took a payday before to step aside.  When finally taking the chance did he grab the ring and claim the prize?  Also  guess which two prominent names are

Could Deontay Wilder Propel this Generation of Boxing?

Floyd might be gone but his overtly defensive style has few mourners marking its passing.  Instead, fans are yearning for power packed punches that hit their target.  From the horizon has come a monster of a man who touches the heavens at six foot seven inches tall.  He has the World Boxing Council’s heavyweight championship

Fades Dominate Late September Card

Let us being with opening up the Video Vault with a classic as the UFC invade the territory of the Marines.  Next find out what Frenchman should not have on single Franc wagered on him. Finally, the undercard has some of that same strong fade material.  All of this is now on tap for you