Best Fights Upcoming at Americas Bookie

Sweet science fans have a bunch of best fights upcoming for not only the remainder of this year but propelling us into 2017.  Great to see everyone again here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today, we are looking over the menu and seeing plenty of five star items.  Fighters at the top of their game facing

Floyd Retired but His Mouth Did Not

Floyd went away without a loss but his mouth is still throwing punches.  Sometimes he is outlandish while other times he can bring an insight that few others can illuminate the sweet science with.  This time around he comments on Andre Ward and the desired effect that the powers that be have in forcing him

Following Floyd for Pound per Pound Best Fighter

Boxing fans should be of good cheer. We have been getting used to defensive orientated title holders that hold on instead of conquering all comers. Now that Floyd has rode off into the sunset, we have a pair of boxers ready to aggressively take the helm. Find out which two candidates APEX Boxing Betting think

Broner Behaving Badly Plus Vargas Bradley Free Pick

Last Saturday saw Adrien Broner exposed on national television.  On prime time free tv, NBC viewers saw Porter take him to task.  Badly out pointed, Broner scored a knock down but his opponent got up.  With that, his hopes have evaporated.  The subsequent tirade he went on afterwards derailed anyone from taking this propped up

Future Hitched to this Boxing Star?

Wells can only stand so much usage before even the deepest of them run dry.  This is what has happened to the boxing dollar for the next six months.  An after effect of the big payday is that fans will not be spending their hard earned money any time soon.  Only Asia and Mexico are

Best Bets to Win By Knockout

Across all the weight classes, few stand alone when it comes to pure stopping power.  The ability to end it all with one punch and a very frequent occasion makes for something fantastic to rail.  Having to stay glued to the television set or mobile device else you miss the precise second you cash is

Floyd Taking it Easy and Former Champ Robbed via Twitter?

  Let the Showmanship Begin Floyd is displaying to the world how little regard he has for Manny.  Instead of being in the gym, he is down under living the life.  Tweeting pictures of feet nibbling his feet, his life has not been care free during an attempted visit to Australia.  He was recently barred

2015 Premier Events Besides Manny and Floyd

While the world is excited, few would be surprised if the mega bout between Manny Pacuiao and Floyd Mayweather had a delay, hitch, or would be canceled all together.  After all, it took many years and about five of them past their individual primes to get this close to actually fighting.  So Apex Boxing Betting

GGG Are the Initials All Boxers Fear

Preservation of money rather than pride rules the middleweight and surrounding weight classes.  There inhabits boxing a champion whose prowess seems to be unmatched in boxing history near his weight.  He destroys opponents and very rarely makes it to a decision.  His knockout rate has eclipsed all of the legends at his weight class.  All