Holly Holm Aftermath; Intel-Pharma and 50 Cent

Holly Holm has stunned the world and now her comes shock value aimed at both her and opponent Rhonda Rousey.  See who 50 Cent alluded to when posting a very funny picture on social media after Rhonda lost her belt.  Also what business relationship has the new champ fielding some heavy questions very early in

Rousey Transcending UFC

Blonde and capable of bombing opponents at will should get you noticed.  Ronda Rousey is starting to transcend UFC to other arenas.  This Dana White money making machine is capable of jumping into the next level of profit.  She has used this time to go after one of boxing’s biggest names.  Also on the women’s

Cyborg and Rousey is One Step Closer

An odd circumstance could bring the Justino vs Rousey bout one step closer to happening.  Christaine has proen herself as the most intimidating presence in contact sports for the ladies.  She headlined the main event for Invicta and destroyed Faith Van Duin.  Read on to learn of the connection and conditions that could make this

Is Boxing Too Limiting for Delfine Persoon?

Swept under the rug, women’s boxing does not get the attention that it merits here in the States.  Try to actually see a televised fight on the airwaves and you will probably have to settle for some arcane torrent stream from another country.  That being said, this sport has a champion who is light years