UFC Fight Night Comes to South Korea

See the world through the eyes of the UFC as Fight Night takes us to some exotic locales.  New Zealand, Brazil, and Ireland have all entertained us and procured us profit.  Now this Saturday the 28th at 8AM from South Korea, we get to see the local fighters from Asia take on some of the

UFC Fight Night 77 Free Picks

High quality fights for free on a Saturday night is too much of a good deal to pass up on. Dana White and UFC have discovered by having a monthly offering featuring local fighters hosted at all parts of the globe that this increases their viewership and PPV buy rate. For this UFC Fight Night

More UFC Fight Night Preview for Saturday

An antithesis in UFC takes the ring on Saturday evening as Fox Sports 1 brings Fight Night for our viewing and wagering pleasure.  Highlighted is a person who has the dramatic flair for losing.  He is pedestrian in his victories but he has great flame outs when he gets crushed.  We are talking about Erick

Does Exotic Geography Affect UCF Fight Night Odds?

UFC Fight Night’s are affordable ways to learn about the sport while getting your feet wet into wagering on it.  This Saturday, Fox Sports 1 brings there next edition of this splendid series from Barueri, Brazil. With a lower overhead by not having to purchase the pay per view, the margin of error with concerns