Fantasy Fun with Mayweather McGregor Rumors

Now the fantasy fun has gone up another notch with the ramped up offer by Floyd for a Mayweather McGregor bout to happen on New Year’s Eve.  Good afternoon fight bans from all of us here at APEX Boxing Betting.  Today we take a side road to look at the rumors involving this cross promotional

Cyborg and Rousey is One Step Closer

An odd circumstance could bring the Justino vs Rousey bout one step closer to happening.  Christaine has proen herself as the most intimidating presence in contact sports for the ladies.  She headlined the main event for Invicta and destroyed Faith Van Duin.  Read on to learn of the connection and conditions that could make this

Benefits of Betting Boxing at an Online Sportsbook

No longer are just the mega fights the only events you can wager because of the explosion of the benefits of betting boxing at an Online Sportsbook. Years of touch and go negotiations produced Manny verses Floyd but now you can wager boxing and the other contact sports on many levels. Events in Macau, Europe,

MC Mary Kom Among Those Mentioned by President Obama

MC Mary Kom Gets Nod From Obama US President Obama took time out on his visit to India to acknowledge just some of their world class athletes.  Out of his mouth came praise for MC Mary Kom.  Known as Magnificent Mary, she has dominated women’s boxing at her weight class for many years.  She is

How Big of a Credibility Hit Did UFC Take with Jones Drug Test?

Athletes fail drug tests on occasion.  Every sport has them and people are wise enough to realize that the sport can not monitor them every waking moment.  What people are railing about with the UFC 182 Jon Jones drug test issue is why was he allowed to fight after a positive test weeks before the

Is Boxing Too Limiting for Delfine Persoon?

Swept under the rug, women’s boxing does not get the attention that it merits here in the States.  Try to actually see a televised fight on the airwaves and you will probably have to settle for some arcane torrent stream from another country.  That being said, this sport has a champion who is light years

UFC Goes Straight Edge with CM Punk

UFC tapped the fertile fields of the WWE to get a champion with Brock Lesnar.  Now they have gone back to harvest Phil Brooks aka CM Punk from the ranks of wrestling to transition to unscripted fights.  Contact fans from all over the world  will now get someone with less of a pedigree but more