Taking the Long Way Home Finalizing Mayweather and Pacquiao

Getting closer to the official sanction, Mayweather and Pacquiao comes closer to completion.  More hurdles have been overcome and the world anxiously awaits. For Floyd, this would be a cementing of the “TBE” tile he has bestowed upon himself.  To be the best ever, he needs this fight and to emerge victorious.  Manny would be the zenith of his professional career that saw him as a young man sending dollars back to his mother to feed his family when he starting out.  Apex Boxing Betting will continue on the march to this event and look at what dominoes fell to further our hopes into becoming reality.

     2010 Drug Test SNAFU

We saw this all before when the contracts were drawn up for this fight.  Floyd was adamant that testing both by urine and blood.  The days he proposed were spaced out with one very close to the actual fight night.  Manny blew a gasket at this.  Not because he was using but because he blames the testing procedure for a key loss in his career.  2005 saw Pacquiao lose to Erik Morales.  The collection of blood was two days before and Manny blamed that for sapping his strength.

Manny Blood Drug Testing $5Million

    $5Million Dollar Fine

Manny himself proposed a five million dollar fine should he test positive before the fight at any juncture.  This removes a large stumbling block in the proceedings.  The US Anti-Doping Agency will be the body that is going to oversee this.

All men can jump it seems.  This sentiment comes directly from a rumored one on one basketball game the two had down in Miami last month.  Time is not there friend as they are both close to forty years of age.  No one wants this to be known as the greatest boxing fight to never happen.  Celebrity turnout will be great for this as it will shatter all ppv records.  Almost six years this has been built up, so let us bump fists and have the come out fighting in May.