The State of MMA

Don King has definitely left the building, so has Mike Tyson, it appears that Floyd Mayweather is done and now Connor McGregor. Dana White is the new Don King, what this guy has done for the sport of boxing is comparable to what Michael Jordan did for the NBA or what Wayne Gretzky did for the NHL.

White is a master-marketing genius and he has single handedly put MMA on the map. He really transcends the sport and that is hard to do. LeBron James will never transcend the NBA and Tiger woods will never transcend golf. These players are some of the greatest of all time and will go down in history for what they have accomplished for their respective sports but what Dana White has done, is build an empire that is nearly untouchable.

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The Month of May in the MMA is set to be a good one and if you like betting on this sports then now is the time to shop around for a great odds maker, a great bookie service that offer MMA and great lines and odds. There is simply too much money to be made to sit this sport out. If you enjoy boxing and enjoy it at an MMA level, then you should not let yourself miss another opportunity to make some potentially huge profits.

MMA used to depend on people like Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, not anymore. Those days are over. Now, top tier boxers depend on MMA and what they can bring to the table. Dana White and his organization The UFC, has completely changed the landscape of boxing, boxers and boxing careers.

What Connor McGregor did this past month was put a black eye on himself and he probably got himself run. Really, McGregor is no longer much of an asset to the UFC, they don’t need him. Why do they need him? The UFC has proven itself as a legitimate organization and McGregor is a clown who refuses to defend his title but then gets butt-hurt because he is stripped of his title. This guy is a cry baby and he needed to be run. Good riddance, he is a joke. McGregor has let money go to his head and even thought he was a fierce fighter he is nothing now and would get a smack down by almost anybody in his weight class.

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There are some great fights coming up that are definitely worthy of your gambling time. From Rio, May 12th—Nunes vs. Pennington is going to be a fantastic fight and should live up to the billing. These two ladies are mean and they will go to-to-toe in a raucous battle. Maybe you already have a favorite gambling site, if so stick with them, if not, do some quick homework and find one that works for your MMA and UFC betting needs.

The entire month of May is loaded with great fights so be sure and check the UFC schedule and hopefully win some big money. Stay tuned for more boxing news and betting tips right here coming soon.