UFC 181 Super Main Event Hendricks Lawler 2

How will the Bigg Rigg (16-2) Johny Hendricks  motor down his championship reign after a torn bicep?  An injury has kept him on the shelve for some time but now he is back to take on the man he beat for the belt.  Robbie Lawler (24-10) promises to be more ruthless and not rely on a decision to take what he thinks is his.  From the jewel of the desert, Las Vegas is your host city for Saturday Night’s UFC181 super bout.  This is the jewel to cap off a tremendous night of UCF action.  Here at Apex Boxing, we will look and unearth the key point to profit in this one.

Avoid The Testosterone Check

True value of the champ’s camp might be to get him to heed advice and come to grips with the truth.  Title defenses against a previously fought against opponents is a mental mine field.  Johny can not get it in his head that he has to win “better” than the decision win that got him the belt in UFC 171.  In the first fight, he took his chances and went toe to toe with Lawler.  The ground game is what got him most of his credit for the win in the first edition.  HL2 should not be fought entirely with fists if Hendricks wishes to retain.


Bicep Gives Hope

So how good is the defensive game of Lawler to stay on his feet?  He has to stay upright for the win.  Confidence is not in short supply as as he has taken to Twitter being his “Ruthless” self.  Now the question of ebb and flow in this one is key.  While the champ had to have his bicep surgery and subsequent recovery, Lawler has been on a mission.  This will be his fourth fight in less than a year and he had to vanquish both Brown and Ellenberger to do so.  Is his compact schedule good for him or will it take some of the starch out of his punches?

No one wants to see a champ on his knees but the ground game is the only way to win for him.  Lawler at +178 is a good value because of the unknown status of the champ.  How long will the rust take to fall off of Hendricks?  If he can get past the first two rounds then his chances to defend are excellent.  IMO Lawler will plow straight ahead and take it all to him.  Hendricks will not shrink away because of the fear of being typecast as being overly defensive.  A new champ will be crowned.  Might as well visit America’s Bookie and cash in on this one.  Good fortune and we will talk to you next week regaling in our new found profit.