UFC 202 Main Event : Diaz McGregor II

One of the best fights never made it to the big one so it is headlining UFC 202.  Thanks for checking back in here at APEX Boxing Betting.  This Saturday sees Diaz McGregor II which is the rematch of the stunning only loss in Conor’s career.  This time around the moneyline is much more equal with Conor still being the slight favorite.  Can he correct the flaws in his game that got exploited the first time out?  Main event card starts on PPV at 10PM on Saturday, August 20th.

UFC 202 : Corrections

Not only has the odds come out at Americas Bookie and most of offshore favoring Connor but there has not been much of a correction by the sharps.  So are they biding their time or is the line truly what it is supposed to be?  First off is the pivotal issue.  Nick Diaz is very good at Jiujitsu.  Can Connor catch up enough to defend in this area?  He will never be on Diaz’s level but just enough to survive the onslaught?  We think that if the game gets on the ground again that Diaz has an extreme advantage in this one?

Power Element

Same weight as in the last fight.  Remember how Diaz got popped and just sort of sluffed it off and grinned?  This is one area that McGregor can get better even if he has to sacrifice a little of his very good speed to do so.  Diaz does leave a lot of openings in his style.  However, he has made his leaving by almost being a human punching bag.  Very durable and still to an underpowered fighter at this weight that Conor is still projected to be.

Load up the bankrolls at Americas Bookie for this one.  Diaz is still the betting underdog.  This is so wrong if this fight does not go by decision.  Diaz ML or bet on stoppage win by him are the paths to profit here.  Prelims before the main event card are on Fox Sports 1.  Watch, wager, and buy your way into the PPV with the profit.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Boxing.