UFC Goes Straight Edge with CM Punk

UFC tapped the fertile fields of the WWE to get a champion with Brock Lesnar.  Now they have gone back to harvest Phil Brooks aka CM Punk from the ranks of wrestling to transition to unscripted fights.  Contact fans from all over the world  will now get someone with less of a pedigree but more personality.  If CM Punk is successful in this venture then the UFC could get the showman it desperately needs.  Let us see what are some of the roadblocks that could prevent the UFC from going straight edge with CM Punk.

Underwhelming Striking Ability

Simulated strikes he excelled at in the entertainment world of the WWE.  Research into his background has not unearthed a lot pertaining to a jiu – jitsu pedigree he was supposed to have.  Shrouded in secrecy somewhere in California, he has had some instruction with Rene Gracier.  However rumor has it that he has not even gotten a blue belt in it.  While this would be fine to balance off good sparring skills, CM Punk lacks those even more.  With proper training and guidance, he can acquire them but that leads to the next point.

cm punk3


An effort to maximize hype has narrowed his future prospects.  The rush to get his name out there has come at a cost.  The where and when of his first fight is nowhere to be known.  A bigger sledge to this is that he has not come out and said what weight class he will do his thing in.  At least if this was set then the landscape could be scouted to see what he lacks most.  A jack of all trades does not equate to dominating performances.  Even if it ends up being the wrong decision, at what weight he fights at has to be set in stone now.  Only then will he know where to barrel in his efforts in the upcoming months.

Love the idea but loathe the lack of planning.  UFC has to go to considerable lengths to create their own personalities.  He they have one handcrafted that can play the face or heel for the promotion.  The amount of time and effort he put into his WWE career reflect his work ethic and ability to overcome his stature.  His build here will not be a concern as long as determines what his weight will be.  UFC better have him do this quickly or the ship will run aground after its maiden voyage.