Viktor Postol is Here to Stay as He Finally Wins Belt

Coming out parties for the next big thing usually involve newcomers making their arrival.  Last Week saw Viktor Postol reasserting himself into the title mix.  He had took a payday before to step aside.  When finally taking the chance did he grab the ring and claim the prize?  Also  guess which two prominent names are finally going to get it on in the ring?  All of this and more in this edition of APEX Boxing Betting.

Presenting Viktor Postol

How much would you take to avoid a bout for a World Championship belt?  Viktor Postol took a payment from Danny Garcia to move aside so that he could face Lamont Peterson instead.  Since that cash grab, Postol has been in  boxing limbo ever since.  Almost eighteen months later, he would get his shot and as the underdog he paid off.  He beat the Argentine boxer Matthysse to win on Sautrday evening.  He had the reach advantage to defuse the former champ’s power.  He will be here for quite a while as he has finally broken through.

Khan Might get Second Choice

Amir Khan is an odd duck even in the boxing circles he haunts.  He will chase some foes forever like Floyd.  Others like GGG he will tap dance around.  Finally, two forces will collide and it looks like it might be Manny Pacquiao of all people.  Manny is on the mend and wants to get back into action between February and April.  They are in current negotiations.  Amir is going to need the cash soon and Manny wants to bolster his resume so he can taunt Floyd out of retirement.

Finally, Deontay Wilder might not be all that yet to carry the whole show by himself.  His win against Johann Duhaupas was the least watched of the seven PBC broadcasts.  Is it him or has the sparkle worn off of these broadcasts?  The general tenure is that until he gets more seasoning with attractive draws that it was more him than the Premier boxing concept.  That will do it for APEX Boxing Betting.  We will see you later in the week with the current developments in the world of contact sports.