Why Bookies Need Boxing Action

Bookies need boxing action to help supplement the slow months.

Key Points

– You should be offering betting action because all of your competitors are.

– Switching PPH services to offer boxing action is easier than you think.

The bottom line for any bookie is making money. In the end, your sportsbook needs to produce profits.


Bookies Need Boxing Action

There are a number of ways to make money as a bookie, but it all starts with your betting board. If you are not offering the biggest and best variety of bets to your customers – and potential customers – you simply are not maximizing your operation.

If you are not offering action on boxing for example, you are missing the boat. You need to offer boxing bets because if you don’t customers will find a bookie that does.

These days, boxing betting lines are included in virtually every top pay per head service in the industry. If your service doesn’t offer boxing action, it’s time to find a new one.

What is Offered at PPH Services

A great place to start is simply search for pay per head companies that offer boxing wagers. You’ll find that many of the best in the business do.

What you want is a PPH service that will separate you from the pack. Sure, you can offer action on all the big fights, but what about the lesser known bouts?

Go to the ESPN website and click the Boxing tab. Click on the Schedule tab and you will see there are boxing matches virtually every weekend all over the world. 

Boxing bettors are extremely loyal and if they can find the action, they will place the bets. The point here is that if you want to maximize your boxing revenue find the pay per head provider that will allow you to attract the most action. You need a board full of boxing bets.

Remember, if you don’t offer a certain bet, there is another bookie out there that has it. Find the right PPH so that you can keep up with the other sportsbooks out there.

Switch PPH If Needed

If you’re unsure about switching pay per head services, don’t be. It’s actually much easier than you think. The process for the bookie is the same as searching for an PPH provider.

Identify what it is you have to have from a software service and start doing the research. The key is going to be what betting action you will be able to offer to your current and prospective customers.

Bookies Need Boxing Action – Sign Up Today

After that, it’s a matter of what you want from your Pay Per Head. There is the customer service portion of the equation. The user interface, safety and security, banking options, and more all go into the final decision when picking the best boxing pay per head service.

Ultimately, you make a list of must-haves and deal breakers and find the one (or few) service that can provide you with the opportunity to capitalize on boxing betting. 

Switching services is much easier for the pay per head company. They take all of your current information, your customer’s information, and plug it into their software. It should be an easy and seamless transaction. When complete, then you can keep up with the rest of the best in the market.