Wolverhampton Boxing and Shamrock Bare Knuckling it?

An Irish invasion on Valentine’s Day is prepared to go forward.  First we have a pivotal bout that will clarify challengers for the WBO lightwelt belt.  Next we have an aging legend taking on an Irish favorite known as the King of the Travellers.  Will the Irish underdog come out on top for us this weekend?  Read on at Apex Boxing Betting to find out if his price is worth your attention.

Putting Ken Shamrock to Pasture

Near the end, Ken Shamrock was on the wrong end of some legendary beat downs.  What can be in store for him now that he is further past this level of decline?  The former submission show stopper has taken his dog and pony show to the arena of bare knuckle boxing.  Even his brother, Frank, thought this was some Internet ploy to get hits on rogue websites.  Alas, the truth is much sadder than that as he takes on the King of the Travellers.  His opponent is James Quinn McDonagh.  This man is a legend among the Irish for taking on all comers at every water holing and leaving the room a bloody pulp of a mess.  This has allure on PPV if you like to see a train wreck or something out of the ordinary.  Being in the UK, wagering will be hot and heavy on this one when it comes to fruition in April.

Valentine’s Day Brings Out Call for Blood


More of the Irish is present on this Valentine’s Day weekend.  Wolverhampton sees some title action on 2/14 as Stephen Ormond +220 wants to take a title home to the Emerald Isle.  In his way is the undefeated champ, Terry Flanagan, in the light weight division.  This would be a stepping stone for Stephen to get hold of the WBO belt.  The greatest advantage Ormond holds in this one is his conditioning.  He is in extreme shape against a man who might fade late.  Terry has made a living out of converting his southpaw advantage over weary opponents.  However, Stephen has had good success against them and Flannagan’s advantage by the bookmakers is not as great as his -240 ish price.  There is value in Stephen Ormond so make sure you get your wagers in by 4PM as this has a Euro based starting time to cater to the home crowds.